RV Show Seminars

2017 Seminar Schedule

11:00Peter BristowPeter BristowPeter BristowPeter Bristow
12:00Andrew ThomsonAndrew ThomsonAndrew ThomsonAndrew Thomson
1:45Shane DevenishShane DevenishShane DevenishShane Devenish
3:00Peter BristowPeter BristowRick NeddowPeter Bristow
4:00Andrew ThomsonAndrew ThomsonAndrew Thomson
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The Truth About Holding Tank Treatments

Peter Bristow
Aqua-Tek Inc. Cleaners & Treatments

Camping allows us to experience nature at its finest … including the odours!  Why do the black and grey water tanks always stink?  Why do we have to use special toilet paper?  Why have my sensors stopped working?  Come to this seminar to get these answers and a complete explanation of how toilet treatments work and how you can make them work better!

Andy Thomson

Hitch Hints Towing Seminar

Andrew Thomson
Can Am RV Towing Specialist

Learn about Andrew’s latest Hitch Hints and future tow vehicles.

rick neddow
trekker rv logo

Overlooked RV Maintenance

Rick Neddow, Trekker RV


RVing for Beginners - Thinking about getting into the RV Lifestyle?

Shane Devenish
Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association

Have you ever thought about joining the millions of Canadians who currently enjoy RVing? Find out why the RV Lifestyle is more popular today than it has ever been! Get all of your questions answered at this seminar put on by the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association and Go RVing Canada.