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Join us February 27 - March 2, 2025

Get out and enjoy camping in the fall- the best season in Canada!

Fall RV Camping is the Best!

Many people believe the beginning of Autumn marks the end of camping season.  Fortunately, many have the wisdom and time to take advantage of the best season to camp!  It’s one of the most beautiful times to be out in nature.  The fall leaves are changing color, the weather tends to be cooler and the air is crisp.  You have just the right weather for a campfire while still enjoying outdoor activities in and around your campground.

Here are a few tips to help you so that you will want to make Fall RV Camping an Annual Trip!

Check Foliage Maps before making Campground Reservations to glance at the Fall colours coming your way.  Some say that a lightly overcast day actually improves the colours of the leaves, making them pop against the skies but others prefer to bask in Autumn’s brilliance under blue skies and full sun!  For the best experience, not only should leaves be near their peak colours but the weather should be agreeable too.

Choose the right Campground and remember to choose a campsite in the sun!  For Fall camping it’s better to choose a site in the sun to help stay a bit warmer on cooler days.

Be sure you determine your goals for the trip and prepare for ample activities that are suitable for a change in weather.

Pack the right clothing – think layers!  Sometimes temperatures will be colder than expected and sometimes kids are having so much fun playing they inadvertently get soaked!  Choosing the right clothes will make your Fall camping trip much more enjoyable.  Bring a mixture of clothes because Fall weather can change in an instant.  Pack with all types of weather in mind!

Bring hot cocoa or apple cider to sip while you sit around the campfire with your family!

Pack comfort meals and bring along the crockpot or the Dutch oven.

Make your favorite fall recipe and enjoy a nice meal after a long day of hiking or kayaking.

Remember chili and soups cook well in crockpots while you are off enjoying the day.  You will be happy to have one less task off your plate.  Relax

Evening Campfires are much more fun when the weather is a bit chilly.  The Autumn Season is the perfect time for roasting marshmallows and staying warm around the campfire. Be sure to be safe and put out your fire afterwards!

For a list of Campgrounds across Canada visit Go RVing Canada  or CCRVC.  Happy Camping!