RV Show Seminars – The Virtual Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show

2021 Seminar Schedule

10:00 - 11:00Leroy Burkhart-
RV Tire Safety
11:00 - 12:00Andy Thomson-
Towing & Hitch Hints
Andrew Thomson-
Towing & Hitch Hints
Robert Fisher- How to get that perfect picture while RVingCarlos Costa & Ellen Walker-White from the Ontario RV Owners (ORVO) Canada Facebook Group
12:00 - 1:00
1:00 -2:00Doug Grafton-
Solar 101 Solar Power Systems and Inverters for Your RV
RV Maintenance-
Rick Neddow Trekker RV
Michael McNaught- RVEzyAndy Thomson-
Towing & Hitch Hints
2:00 -3:00Mark Lucas- RVillage
3:00 -4:00Joel Holland - CEO Harvest Hosts4 Nuts in a Shell- A family RVing full-timeShane Devenish-
Learn all about the RV Lifestyle
4:00 - 5:00Shane Devenish-
Learn all about the RV Lifestyle
5:00 - 6:00Shane Devenish-
Learn all about the RV Lifestyle
Shane Devenish-
Learn all about the RV Lifestyle

Meet Joel Holland CEO of Harvest Hosts

Meet Joel Holland CEO of Harvest Hosts

Looking for unique overnight RV camping experiences? How would you like to wake up on a vineyard in Kelowna or on a farm in Ontario? Trade that boring parking lot for a unique experience and make lasting memories with your family and friends. Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts , a unique membership program that invites self-contained RVers to have unique overnight stays at 1445+ Wineries, Breweries, Farms, and museums throughout North America! Instead of spending the night at a RV campground, you can support a local business and spend the night on their property. Learn from Joel Holland all about Harvest Hosts and find out how you can add to your RV Lifestyle experience! Attendees during The Virtual Big RV Show will get an exclusive 15% discount, locked in for life of the account (price never goes up)!

Andy Thomson

Hitch Hints Towing Seminar

Andrew Thomson –
Can Am RV Towing Specialist

Andy Thomson has been writing for RV Lifestyle Magazine for more than 25 years. He also owns and operates Can-Am RV Centre located in London, ON. Come learn about Andrew’s latest Hitch Hints and future tow vehicles.

Listen to RVezy Founder Michael McNaught to hear his thoughts on why the RV Industry's popularity exploded in 2020

Michael McNaught – RVezy

Many industries have taken a hit during the pandemic, but the Canadian RV and camping industry was an exception. More and more consumers — unable to embark on their traditional spring and summer vacations — turned to the RV lifestyle as an alternative way to spend their leisure time away from home safely. The ability to take your bedroom, washroom, shower facilities, and kitchen right along with you eliminated many safety concerns, and led to a huge number of buyers entering the RV lifestyle for the first time. If you are still unsure what RV Type and Model is best for you, it is thought that you might be best served by renting an RV to try it out first! Register for The Big RV Show and hear from Michael McNaught, founder of RVezy.com, an online marketplace bringing together RV owners and aspiring vacationers across the country. RVezy harnesses the power of technology and the sharing economy to provide an affordable RV rental experience to thousands of vacationers.

The Importance of RV Maintenance

Rick Neddow,  – Owner-Trekker RV

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring trouble free enjoyment with your vacation on wheels.  Visit Trekker RV’s seminar to learn more about your recreational vehicle’s maintenance requirements.

RVillage - Travel. Park. Connect. It's not only about the places you go, it's also about the people you meet along the way!

Mark Lucas-  RVillage, Business Development Manager

Want to find fellow RVers where you are, where you want to go, or along your route? The road never needs to be lonely again. RVillage is a community of full-time, part-time, some-of-the-time, and someday RVers who learn together and connect both in-person and online! RVillage.com Is THE place for RVers and RVer wannabes to connect. Find other travelers based on similar interests, and remain connected through smart mapping technology. Try it out before you join by exploring the map and see why so many RVers and RVer wannabes are using RVillage to connect with each other! Attend this session to hear from Mark Lucas, RVillage’s Business Development Manager.

RVing for Beginners - Thinking about getting into the RV Lifestyle?

Shane Devenish – President of the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association


Find out why the RV Lifestyle is more popular today than it has ever been!  What is a Recreational Vehicle?  What are the Major Manufacturers? What are the different RV types and what is best for my family? Why is the RV Lifestyle so popular?  What type of RV is best for me?  Where can I go?  Learn about RV Financing an lots more!

Get all of your questions answered at this seminar put on by the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association.

Meet 4 Nuts In A Shell –Kris (Señor Nut), Monique (Coffee Nut), Presley (Turbo Nut) and Ethan (Mighty Nut).

Kris and Monique are young successful authors and bloggers who decided to take their “home on the road” full-time with their 2 boys in a Coachmen Motorhome. With the help of Monique, Kris has written “The Road To “PYHOOYA” and “PYHOOYA 365” currently on Amazon, which are aimed to help people better themselves and live happier, more productive lives. Monique and the Hardys, originally from Manitoba are wintering on Vancouver Island to get away from the harsh weather out East., Attend the session to hear their RV Lifestyle stories and you will surely laugh along the way!

Register for The Virtual Big RV Show and find out why “nothing is an adventure without a few nuts!”

How to get that perfect picture while RVing- Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher – Award winning photographer

At his core, Fisher is a storyteller. Be it a single image, a series of images, or his documentary films, Fisher wants to tell stories that, he hopes, will engage the viewer. Whether they’re seeing a place for the first time through his eyes, or a picture brings back a memory, he wants to evoke emotion in the viewer. That is the key. Fisher’s objective is to try to make photos that matter. He is an award-winning photographer and documentary filmmaker. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows and has been a CONTACT exhibitor. His photos are in both private and corporate collections. He is also the author of four books on photography. Come and see what stories he has to tell about his RV travels around Canada.

Meet Carlos Costa & Ellen Walker-White from the Ontario RV Owners (ORVO) Canada Facebook Group

RV Ownership comes with many questions that need answered, sometimes right away! Where do you turn if you need info or just want to bounce around some ideas? There are many Facebook Groups in the RV Industry who can be a fantastic resource for any RV Lifestyle enthusiast. The Ontario RV Owners (Canada) “ORVO” is a Facebook group with over 10,000 members whom are primarily owners and those interested in camping/cottaging in Ontario and their members are a great source for everything RV and Camping. Register for The Virtual Big RV Show and hear why Facebook Groups can be a great reference for newbie and veteran Rv’ers from Carlos and Ellen!

How to Prevent RV Tire Failure

Leroy Burkhart- Commercial Tire Sales

Leroy’s experience in RV Tire Safety ranges from Tent Campers to Class A Diesel Pushers and everything in between. Leroy has extensive knowledge in radial tire conditions and diagnosing problems as they arise. Leroy’s focus will be on preventative tire maintenance and how to avoid problems before they happen.

Solar 101 Solar Power Systems and Inverters for Your RV

Doug Grafton- Channel Sales Manager

Is power a mystery to you? Do you dry camp or want to get off the grid on your travels? Do you like to enjoy watching TV, making a fine cup of cappuccino or using you hair dryer when there is no shore power? This session covers the basics of solar energy can how it enhances your RV experience. Topics include understanding solar charging, system installation and maintenance, battery basics and the importance of healthy batteries. In addition to solar, this brief and informative session will showcase the benefits of on-board inverters and how to size your system. Register to hear all about Solar Power from Doug Grafton, Sales Manager of Go Power