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Tips and Tricks on decorating your RV on Halloween

RVing during the Halloween season is a great way to see fall spread across the US. The leaves changing colors, crisp, cool air, and morning frost add to the autumn ambiance. The natural beauty is wonderful, but it’s nice to add a little “pumpkin spice” to your RV and campsite as well. If you are one of those people that LOVES to decorate, but don’t want to clutter your RV or use too much storage space, here are some fun Halloween décor ideas that are easily packed and don’t take up much room.


Inflatable decorations are great because when blown up, they can be pretty big. When you want to pack up camp and hit the road, however, they deflate, are folded up, and easily stored. You can find inflatable pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, and more! Just make sure you have a reliable source of electricity and you’re ready to go.


Cobwebs w/ Spiders

A classic, yet simple decorating idea is cobwebs with spiders. Fake cobwebs are super cheap and very easy to pack. Just drape them on and around your RV or on surrounding plants and trees. Throw on a few plastic spiders and you’re all set. Just remember to clean them up when you leave and check your campground’s rules before adding anything to the surrounding plants and be aware of the effect your decorations could have on any local wildlife.

Spooky Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a great way to light up your campsite for Halloween. You can use store-bought lanterns or make your own. It can be a fun, family activity cutting out silly faces and shapes out of paper bags and then placing them around the campsite at night. It’s important to remember to use electric candles, not real ones. Once you leave the campsite, you can either fold them up and store them or recycle them.

Crashing Witch

You’ve probably seen the silly witch crashing into a tree decoration in the past. Why not put one on your RV or a nearby tree? The great thing about this funny idea is that the witch is already flat, so you can easily store her during travel!

Hanging Lights

Outdoor lighting is always needed at campsites, so why not make it spooky? You can find strings of light-up hanging pumpkins, ghosts, fall leaves, you name it! As long as your campsite has electricity, these are a great idea to hang either on the outside of your RV or around the site.

Caution Tape

Look out! Crime scene ahead! Oh, wait…it’s just your campsite. Caution tape is a cheap, easy decoration that takes up next to no space. It also adds a slasher film vibe to your spooky campsite. As with the other decorations, just make sure to clean it up and take it down before leaving the campsite.

Fall Wreath

A fall wreath is a less spooky, but cute, fall decoration for any RV. If you do want to stick with a scarier theme, you can most likely find one with skulls, spiders, and other Halloween spooks at any store that sells home goods or seasonal decorations. This is another fun craft for the kids too if you want to make one yourself.

Colored Lights

You can add an eerie glow to your haunted campsite with outdoor colored lighting. Some need to be plugged in to an outlet, however you can find battery operated ones as well. Green, purple, or orange, choose your favorite fall color(s) and light up your RV!

Skeleton Bones

What’s that sticking out of the ground? Oh, that’s just Mr. bones reaching up from his grave. Another easy and very spooky idea for decorating the campsite is to have skeleton parts sticking out of the earth. They are easily stored and all you have to do is stick them in the ground wherever you want. You can even make a bone graveyard in front of your RV! Add some tomb stones to go the extra mile but make sure to check your campground’s rules about leaving items around your campsite.